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CBPC Redevelopment Project

CBPC Redevelopment Project

Your Questions Answered

Question 1: Why are we redeveloping?


We are redeveloping for the following reasons:

1. To increase the worship service seating capacity.

2. To upgrade our facilities in preparation for tenure renewal.

3. To solve the problem of room shortage for Sunday School.

4. To meet the government’s wiring regulation: wiring should be replaced every 25-30 years.

5. To meet power supply needs. We have reached our maximum power supply limit and may have difficulty supporting additional power needs in future.

6. To increase JCK classroom capacity.

7. To enhance JCK ministry as an effective outreach to students and parents. There is a high reserved list of registrants; we need to upgrade our facilities to meet MOE SPARKS grading standard.

Question 2: Why do we have to redevelop now?


A key consideration for the time to start redevelopment is the availability of a holding site for worship services and the operation of JCK during redevelopment. By God’s grace, the site of Eden School is available now till the end of 2016. Furthermore, construction cost is rising at a rate of about 12% per annum and a later start time will mean a much higher redevelopment cost.

Question 3: Have we considered alternatives to redevelopment?


Yes, we have considered four major alternatives:

1. Do nothing.

In 16 years’ time, the current lease will expire and a JTC condition for a consideration for lease renewal is redevelopment, which has to be done sooner or later; otherwise, all ministries of CBPC will cease in 16 years’ time.

2. Relocate by buying a new piece of land.

There is no suitable piece of land near our church currently. If available, the price is expected to be astronomical. For example, the latest piece of land reserved for religious use had a winning bid of $30 million for 30,000 square feet, not inclusive of construction cost.

3. Share premises with other churches.

Joining a church hub will be detrimental to CBPC as we have to share premises with churches of all persuasions and practices. Furthermore, the operation of JCK will likely cease as a result.

4. Redevelop the current site partially.

Rebuilding the sanctuary block brings about a cost difference of only $500,000, as compared to a full redevelopment.

Question 4: Have we explored alternative holding sites?


Yes, over the past two years, Pastor Isaac, Mrs. Lin, and others have consulted the relevant authorities and examined several possible holding sites. They were not selected for the following reasons: unsuitable location, lack of facility for kindergarten as specified by MOE, not meeting our needs, and unsuitable period of availability.

By God’s grace, the site of the vacated Eden School which is near Lakeside MRT is available to both CBPC and Jurong Christian Church as holding site till the end of 2016. The site is sufficiently large to accommodate both churches and the operation of JCK.

Question 5: How much will the entire project cost?


Our Redevelopment Working Committee estimates that the entire project will cost $15 million.

Question 6: Who should give to this project?


Elder Cheng, our fundraising chairman, likens our redevelopment project to the crossing of the Red Sea. Everyone should take part and no one should stay behind. This is a spiritual exercise, and all can contribute regardless of his or her ability. We should help one another to cross the Red Sea. We should not be relying only on the rich to give.

Question 7: Why do I need to fill in the gift/pledge form?


Information in the gift/pledge form will give a projection of the inflow of funds for redevelopment. Together with the estimated flow of expenditure for redevelopment, we would be able to better manage the finance for the entire project.

Question 8: How can I give to the building fund & why do I need to use the envelope designated for the building fund?


You should place your cash or cheque in the designated brown envelope available from the back of the sanctuary, and then drop it into the offering bag. Please do not pass them to the church office. When writing a cheque, please indicate Calvary Building Fund as the payee and not Calvary B-P Church. Otherwise, your gift will go to the general fund for the church instead of to the building fund.


If your offering is not put in the envelope designated for the building fund, it will go to the general fund. If you want to offer to the redevelopment project, please use the designated envelope.

Please indicate your name in the envelope if you are fulfilling your pledge as indicated in the gift/pledge form. This is required as pledged funds coming in will be tallied against what has been pledged by name. The updating of pledged amount and actual amount received in aggregate will enable a better assessment and management of the finance for the entire project. Pledge information will be kept strictly confidential.

Question 9: If I have questions for the Redevelopment Project committee, how do I submit them?


Members & friends may ask questions or write in to share testimonies & blessings with us through one of the following channels–

Drop it in the “Suggestion Box” at the back of the sanctuary; OR

Mail to:  “Calvary BPC Re-Development Project” 1 Tao Ching Road, Singapore 618720; OR



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